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LT - 13/450 aluminum wire drawing machine

LT - 13/450 aluminum wire drawing machine


This machine is drawing wire diameter from 9.5 mm aluminium pole to 9.5 mm - 1.7 mm product line of special wire drawing production equipment. Suitable for wire and cable manufacturing enterprises.

The machine transmission output shaft for independence, for reduction gear and chain wheel through 2, respectively, the transmission shaft, a guide wheel shaft and two tower constant speed axles, drawing form for unilateral drawing, for the outer loop in the form of cooling spray type, take-up form for wheel take-up machine line or trunk type discharge in coil winder.


The machine main technical parameters

Constant speed wheel diameter is450 mm

Wire drawing die number 13

The diamond die casing diameter phi 39 or less

Into the largest wire diameter9.5 mm

Qualification range from 3.0-3.0 mm aluminum rod

The total compression rate96.8%

Part of the compression ratio by an average of 23.3%

Drawing form one drawing

Cooling and lubrication drawing form outside loop spray type

The top thread speed 800 m/min

Drawing host motor power of 75 kw

Supporting the take-up machine SG - 630

Supporting mold dog wear machine ZE - 100

Machine appearance size 3300 * 1100 * 1100 

The machine weighs  about 8 tons

Lubrication cooling liquid pool demand 6 cubic meters