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The principle of straight into type wire drawing machine

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In drawing machine of straight into the control variable frequency speed regulation with configuration concise, clear logic and the characteristics of cost reduction, and at the same time this paper also introduces in detail the TL - MD320 frequency converter in the application of wire drawing machine.

Keywords drawing machine of straight into the synchronous frequency conversion control

Metal products is an important part in the metallurgical industry, but the industry is a weak link in our country, the old mechanical and electrical equipment, hindered the development of industry. In metal processing, straight into the type wire drawing machine is a common, usually before the dc generator - electric units (F - D system), now with the progress of technology and the popularity of the inverter frequency conversion control began in drawing machine of straight into a large number of use, and can be realized through PLC drawing varieties setting, automatic operation, production process control, real-time closed-loop control, automatic meter, etc.

Using variable frequency speed regulation system of drawing machine of straight into advanced technology, energy-saving significantly, speed range in normal work for spake, in 5% of the rated speed at the same time can provide more than 1.5 times the rated torque.

In tonglu denon wire-drawing machine manufacturers in the production of stainless steel wire drawing machine of straight into the inverter as an example, to illustrate the application process and the effect of frequency conversion control.

The straight into the wire drawing machine is mainly for finishing of stainless steel wire drawing, design of technical requirements for: (1) the highest drawing speed 600 m/min. (2) the processing varieties mainly three, respectively, into the line 2.8 mm - wire 1.2 mm and 2.5 mm - 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm - 0.8 mm; (3) not more than 2 emergency stop break.

Straight into the type wire drawing machine is a kind of the most difficult to control in the wire drawing machine, since it is more than one motor to stretching wire at the same time, work efficiency is very high. Is not often encountered as before water tank wire drawing machine and loop type wire drawing machine, allow the wire slip between each mold. At the same time it synchronicity of motor and dynamic response quickness have higher requirements. Because the stainless steel material properties is more brittle, lack of toughness, such as high carbon steel wire or cord pulled more easily in the process of operation.

This system has eight sets of 11 kw inverter. System of electrical configuration for looping a, installed in the first level, is used to pull the rolls of stainless steel wire to wire drawing part, because the loop free sliding, so the motor does not need special control. Drawing part six drum diameter is 400 mm. Installed between each drum is used to detect the location of the swing arm cylinder, the displacement sensor to detect the position of the swing arm, when pulled tight silk, silk can produce pressure above the cylinder of the swing arm made the swing arm down. Is ultimately winding machine, the part adopts the sliding by taper support, the whole process of roll diameter basic don't change, so there is no need to use coil diameter calculation function. Eight adopts frequency conversion motor, motor power with a mechanical brake equipment at the same time.

Drawing machine of straight into the system logic control is relatively complicated, there are all kinds of relationship, by PLC. Synchronous control is all in TL - MD320 converter internal implementation, is not dependent on external control.

Its working principle is: according to the operators in the panel set decision of operating speed, the speed of the analog signal into the PLC, PLC to consider to add and subtract speed after the time of output the analog signal according to certain slope. The aim is to satisfy some moving, some homework, such as wear silk needs. PLC output analog voltage signals at the same time of receiving all the inverter AI2 input AI1 can also, as the speed of the master of a given signal. The swing arm displacement sensor signal to the corresponding access to the drum drive inverter as the feedback signal of PID control. According to the position of swing arm in the middle, set yourself a given value of PID. This system is very typical with feedforward PID control system, the level of level, PID as the amount of fine-tuning.