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The introduction of pulley of wire drawing machine

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Often see you on the Internet for some pulley of wire drawing machine, as a pulley of wire drawing machine manufacturers, simple for everybody here today:

Pulley wire drawing machine has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient operation. Adopts frequency control of motor speed, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Pulley drawing machine USES: this set of equipment drawing is the ideal equipment for low, medium and high carbon steel wire rod, and korah drawn copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and gold wire, widely used in steel wire, wire, building components, galvanized iron wire, wire mesh, nail factories such as wire drawing.

Pulley drawing machine structure: this equipment is composed of main reducer, mould box, wheel frame, the line and the electrical control system, etc. All the drawing drum by JZT series or Y series motor through a gear coupling transmission level 2 different ratio of cylindrical gear reducer, so that the drum is vertical, installed on the cover of housing, gear pair with oil lubrication. Drum wall equipment cooling water, in order to reduce the wire drawing after residual heat on the surface of the drum, die immersed in water, to reduce the working temperature of the mold. Linkage, the machine can realize inching ahead of the drum position of machine tool operation, parking equipment with safety agency, and wear mode used when the foot switch.